Women’s Day

Women’s Day

As you are no doubt aware, Friday the 9th of August is “National Women’s Day”.  Furthermore, the whole month of August is designated as “Women’s Month”.

Not only is this a celebration of women’s role and achievement in South African society, it is also a timely reminder of the importance of financial planning when it comes to women.

It is still an oft neglected aspect of financial planning but just as important as it is for male counterparts even where the latter are the main family breadwinners.

The needs of women as regards adequate life assurance cover, disability and dread disease protection as well as retirement provision are of utmost importance.  Furthermore, women who run their own businesses or who are in business with others need to assess the various risks to those businesses should death or permanent disability occur.

Women also need to ensure that their estate planning is properly structured and that they have their own Wills.

Please contact your Maximus adviser for a discussion on these issues.

  • 2 Aug, 2019