Healthcare Solutions

We provide innovative healthcare solutions, tailor-made to meet your individual health and lifestyle goals.

Maximus Healthcare Solutions would like the opportunity to assist you in reaping all the benefits that your medical aid offers you. We can work together to ensure that your needs are met now and into the future.

Our services include:

  • A complete health needs analysis for both individuals and employer groups;
  • Education on the benefits and enhancements of your scheme;
  • Highlighting shortfalls of the medical aid and providing gap cover to enhance hospital cover;
  • Assistance with the burden of reconciling claims during a “crisis time” of illness or injury;
  • Wellness events which provide a report on your overall health as well as that of your company’s employees;
  • Assisting company groups with creating and/or maintaining a subsidy policy for the company;
  • Payroll support providing accurate premiums and data to assist HR in managing their employees.

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