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At Maximus, we believe our relationship with you will be a journey throughout your life as your financial guide

While money and investing are usually the first topics financial planners discuss, our focus is on you: your dreams, aspirations and the life you want to live.

Establishing a sound financial plan is a major step toward securing the lifestyle that you wish to lead. However, true security comes with the knowledge that, as the world around you changes, your plan will evolve too – not simply to include those changes, but to benefit from them wherever possible. In this way, your financial plan becomes a living tool that helps you to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle. You will always be in control of your finances, but you’ll have the safeguard of a personal caretaker to ensure that you remain on track to achieving your goals. In turn, managing your finances will become easier, less time consuming & less stressful for you.

Introduction to
Our Financial Planning Process

Most changes in people’s lives have a financial impact. Our role as your financial planner is to assist you in understanding what that change is and its impact on your overall financial plan.

At Maximus, we see ourselves not as transactional advisers, but as transitional advisers too. Whenever you experience, or are about to experience, a transition in your life, we will be there to guide you through that change, assisting you in making the decision with confidence.

At MWM we believe in customized financial planning that links investment strategies to specific lifestyle goals, with an emphasis on achieving the returns to make them happen.


The traditional approach to wealth management uses risk profile analysis as a starting point for the composition and structure of an investment portfolio. As a result, clients’ lifestyle goals are entirely dependent on the investment returns achieved.

Our revised approach focuses on clients’ lifestyle needs and objective, using them as a basis to determine the investment returns required to achieve these goals. As a result, our wealth management philosophy is rooted in seeing a bigger picture that not only focuses on the needs and aspirations of the client, but also includes factors such as income, tax, debts and expenses.

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