We will be having another of our popular “Wellness Day” events on Thursday 7th November.

Maximus holds Wellness Days for our Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply clients.

The Wellness Days which are take place at our offices, consist of a comprehensive assessment of your fitness, strength and flexibility.  Apart from screening blood tests we have available a biokineticist and a dietician.

A major objective of the Wellness Day is to help clients substantially improve their status on both Vitality and Multiply.

For further information please contact Veruschka at 011 656 2910.

Medical Aids

Within the next month you will be receiving a notification from your medical aid regarding the 2020 renewal – specifically the new contributions level and any changes in benefits to be introduced for next year.   Please contact Veruschka at our office if you have any concerns or would like to change your current plan for 2020.

  • 1 Oct, 2019